Director - Producer - Cinematographer - Editor                                               Produced by Nehad Khader



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Documentary short  -  29 minutes  -  2018  -  The Guardian

Director  -  Producer  -  Editor  -  Cinematographer


On April 10th 2015, the FBI quietly arrested Robert Doggart, a white, 63-year-old Christian minister and failed Congressional candidate after discovering his plans to lead ten men in a terrorist attack against Islamberg, a small African-American Muslim community in upstate New York.

Inspired by Fox News claims that the community was a terror training camp, Doggart spent months planning to firebomb a mosque and a school in the village, and use assault rifles and machetes to murder the residents.

"Don't want to have to kill children," Doggart told an FBI informant. "But there's always collateral damage."

No national news outlet covered Doggart's arrest. Despite his ideologically-motivated plans, no terror charges were brought against him. One month after he was taken into custody a Tennessee judge released him on bail. 

As Doggart's case goes before an all-white jury, WHITE FRIGHT cross-examines the US’s segregated system of national security and the failure of our society to protect vulnerable communities from racist attacks. 

Producer: Nehad Khader

Executive Producers: Charlie Phillips, Lindsay Poulton (for The Guardian)                                                                                           Rebecca Lichtenfeld (for Bertha Foundation)

Consulting Producers: Christopher St. John, Pascale Boucicaut